Adult Acne – Causes and Cures



Adult Acne — Cures and Causes

Acne is prominent during puberty because of the surge of sex hormones paired with the sudden increase of the secretion of sebaceous glands. Teen acne is heightened from ages 14-19. However, in some people, acne prevails into adulthood. This can be a very embarrassing problem, especially when you see others your age not suffering from acne. Don’t feel down; millions of people are suffering from adult acne. Before delving into the cures, you must first know the causes

Causes of Acne in Adults

Acne in adults is primarily caused by imbalanced hormones and the sebum on the skin. The imbalanced hormones signal the skin to produce and secrete more sebum. The sebum in turn will attract more dirt and bacteria deep into the skin. The sebum and dirty will clog pores, resulting in acne. The bacteria will infect hair ducts, causing a more painful form of acne because hair ducts are deeper than the pores. The pus inside the acne is the body’s immune response when it has detected a foreign invader such as bacteria and dirt.

The male hormone androgen is the primary cause of adult acne. Women using muscle enhancing steroids experience acne flare ups. A poor diet consisting mostly of meat, artificial sugars, preservatives and carbohydrates also cause an imbalanced hormone level. Also, this type of diet makes the body and the skin acidic, therefore making it a conducive place for bacteria to proliferate.

Cures for Adult Acne

Doctors used a mild solution of benzoyl peroxide to disinfect the skin. An application of 5% to 10% salicylic acid solution only to the affected area will kill the bacteria residing inside the pores and hair follicles. Use only salicylic acid at these concentrations or lower because it’s so potent that even at low concentrations it causes the skin to sting, burn and turn red. Effects can be noticed within as little as 1 day. Strong concentrations of benzoyl peroxide are used for spot treating adult acne. Your dermatologist can also prescribe clindamycin. If you are a woman, ask your gynecologist about taking oral contraceptives to balance your hormones. Also, check if your cosmetics are non-comedogenic. Take time to read the label of your face creams and watch out for mineral oil and ingredients ending in –cone. These usually form a thin layer of oil over the face that clogs pores. Change your bedding and pillow cases and tie your hair back when sleeping.