Acne Prevention – How to Prevent or Reduce Outbreaks

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Prevention is the Best Cure:

Fight Acne before It’s Even There!

It starts with that red bump and it grows as severe as a large clump of red, disgusting zits. Dealing with acne is never an easy thing. It affects about 8 out of 10 teens undergoing puberty along with many adults as well. As it may sound, having acne is normal and an issue we could easily ignore but the reality is, we can’t help but get bothered whenever we look at the mirror and see that red bump ruining our beautiful face.

However, there are simple rules in acne prevention that you could follow to preclude those zits from even starting to appear on your face.

First and foremost, the golden rule: Keep your face clean. Everyday, your face is exposed to dirt and pollution which tend to accumulate in your pores and develop to acne. Make sure to wash your face twice daily – every morning and before going to bed. Washing your face more often may not even help because it may just make your skin go dry. In washing, use warm water and a gentle facial cleanser for using a harsh soap may irritate your skin.

Second, moisturize. A step which many people ignore, moisturizing plays a vital role in keeping your face blemish-free. Moisturizing keeps the skin from excessive dryness and peeling. Just be careful in choosing the right moisturizer which is appropriate to your skin type and which is noncomedogenic.

Third, as much as possible, keep your hair away from your face. Some hair products contain chemicals that are not very skin-friendly. If your hair touches your face, it can leave such chemicals and other dirt particles, especially oil, on your face which will eventually block your skin’s pores and lead to acne.

Fourth, after making up, take it down. Makeup products may contain substances which can block pores leading to acne. One basic rule of acne prevention is to remove these pore blockages. As much as possible, choose makeup products which are oil-free, with no added dyes and other harmful chemicals and noncomedogenic or do not cause acne. After wearing makeup, wash it off thoroughly.

Fifth, hands off! Unnecessary touching of your face is a no-no. Think of your hands as breeding grounds of bacteria and dirt. If these touch the surface of your skin, not only will you leave these dirt on your face and cause new pimples but also, irritate and aggravate those which are already existing.

Lastly, hide from the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays have been scientifically proven to aggravate the inflammation and redness of acne. Further, some acne medication products increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight and may cause other complications after prolonged exposure to it. As much as possible, use a sunscreen which has at least 30 SPF at least 20 minutes before sun exposure to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Taking care of one’s skin may be laborious to some but easy for others. Either way, acne prevention is a lot easier than curing it so fight it before it even appears.