Acne Medicine Treatment Found In Natural Acne Products

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Treatment for Acne

There is actually no cure for acne. Acne vulgaris is the skin’s reaction to the bacteria it has come in contact with. The skin’s epidermis is coated with sebum and good bacteria that fight skin irritants and bad bacteria. These bacteria thrive on the skin, pores and infect the hair follicles if the skin’s layer of good bacteria failed. The cures and treatments available today merely eradicate the bacteria that cause the skin and reduce inflammation. Without these treatments, acne will continue to reoccur unless the skin’s immunity is strengthened naturally.

Despite that, most people still find good results with the use of topical acne medicine treatment found in natural acne products. Somehow, the use of natural acne products are still touted the best. Natural acne products do not cause your skin to become dependent on its chemicals. Moreover, they are deemed safe for long-term use. Anti-inflammatory steroids only work as long as you’re using them. Once you stopped, you’re back to your old skin.

Acne Medicine Treatment Found In Natural Acne Products

Natural acne products contain the active components found in fruits and other natural sources. While artificial acne chemical treatments do work in some extent, harnessing nature’s provisions is the best. Natural acne products have no side effects, unless you are allergic to their ingredients. Most of these products contain fruit acids such as glycolic, citric and malic acid that disinfect and induce peeling.

Natural Acne Treatment

Acne medicine treatment found in natural acne products may harness one of these natural acne cures, too. You may use these straight on the affected area or look for acne products with these ingredients.

1. Organic Manukah Honey
Raw honey is anti-bacterial. It is the only food that doesn’t rot. Massage your face with raw honey daily & leave it for a few minutes before rinsing.

2. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ACV is the number one natural remedy for all kinds of acne. It is packed with vitamins, minerals that strengthen the skin. People who find ACV too harsh resolve to applying cooled green tea on their faces.

3. Baking Soda

Use a baking soda scrub on your face and other affected areas for a few minutes once a week. This will help in drying up existing acne and neutralize overly acidic skin.

4. Organic Facial Oils

Oil is probably the last thing acne sufferers want on their face. However, using facial oils right after washing the face will prevent your skin to overcompensate with the dryness.