Acne: 7 Most Common Myths



Myths about Acne

Most people are living with so many misconceptions about acne that they have probably learned from their friends. Acne is caused by clogged pores and infected hair follicles. This happens when the skin’s natural layer of sebum gets in contact with bacteria and irritants. Imbalanced hormones cause the skin to secrete abnormal amounts of skin sebum. Apparently, there have been many lingering myths about the causes and cures for acne. Keep reading to discover the 10 common myths about acne.

7 Common Myths about Acne

1. Eating chocolate, peanuts and drinking wine causes acne.

There is no correlation between the components of chocolate, peanuts and wine and acne. If you are suffering from acne, it is alright to consume these foods. Milk, however, contains artificial hormones that were fed to the cows. These hormones can interrupt your hormone levels.

2. Acne occurs when your face is dirty.

This is partially true and false. True, because acne is somehow caused by bad bacteria attacking and trying to dwell within the skin, and false because dirt is not the cause of acne. It may contribute by bringing in more bacteria but a healthy skin is strong enough to fight off these bacteria. You can clean your face thoroughly and still have acne the following day.

3. Washing skin prevents acne.

Bacteria aren’t removed by merely washing. Washing the skin too much strips the skin of sebum thereby signaling the body to produce more sebum.

4. Don’t wear makeup if you have acne.

It depends. Comedogenic make up aggravates acne. Using dirty brushes and sponges spreads bacteria. Other than that, make up does not cause acne.

5. Acne is just a skin problem

Acne isn’t just a skin problem. It reflects your hormone levels.

6. Acne will disappear on its own.

You never know when your acne flare ups will stop. There are many helpful remedies available to stop acne from growing big. Salicylic acid is the most reliable topical solution.

7. Acne is just for teens.

Millions of adults suffer from acne due to hormonal imbalance. Adult acne scars are harder to remove because mature skin doesn’t heal that fast.