5 Tips For Getting Rid of Acne



5 Tips for Getting Rid of Acne

Acne Vulgaris or acne is a disease of the skin involving your oil or sebaceous glands found at the root of your hair follicles. This usually happens at the puberty stage when the oil glands start functioning because of the hormones that are created by the males and females’ adrenal glands which rouse them. Because it is an ugly and unhealthy sight, people find ways in getting rid of acne. This article will show you five natural ways on how to do it.

1. The first way to get rid of acne is to consume mostly organic vegetables that are free of fungicides and pesticides. When these chemicals enter the body, they intoxicate the blood and lead to breakouts. Try to avoid processed foods as these also have such harmful chemicals.

2. Avoid drinking cow’s milk frequently because they have hormones which lead to hormonal imbalances in your body. These hormones stimulate acne and lead to weight gain. If you tend to have acne easily, stay away from too much consumption of cow’s milk. Instead of this, consume at least eight glasses of water every day so as to hydrate your body and flush away toxins in your blood. These toxins help stimulate acne. Water also makes your skin clear and smooth and helps in getting rid of acne.

3. Undergo a juice diet for detoxification purposes. For five days, drink a vegetable-fruit juice every morning. For lunch and dinner, consume wholesome foods such as fresh vegetable salads. You can make a juice drink from the following:

1. Half a cucumber
2. Two apples
3. Two celery stalks
4. One ginger chunk
5. One kale lead
6. A few cilantro

4. After cleansing your face and before moisturizing, use a toner made of natural ingredients such as:

1. One part organic (raw) unfiltered APC or apple cider vinegar
2. Three parts filtered water

Place drops of this mixture on your cotton ball and apply this on your face in the morning and before you go to bed.
Make sure to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. This will make the body fix and detoxify itself which usually occurs when you sleep at night.

5. Learn how to perform yoga because this helps you become more aware of your body and what it needs. Yoga also balances your mood swings and lets you become confident every time you are stressed out. Stress makes the sebaceous glands active and this helps contribute to acne and other skin irritation.

These are the five ways in getting rid of acne so try them out now.