5 Acne Treatment Tips For Instant Use



5 Acne Treatment Tips for Instant Use

Probably the most pervasive, frustrating and confidence-reducing skin issue is acne. Almost everybody has experienced this skin problem at least once in their lives. Should this happen to you right before a special occasion such as a party, wedding or a meeting, here are five acne treatment tips you can use to instantly treat acne.

Dermatologists advise to use tea tree oil for the reduction of acne and skin irritation. The first thing to do would be to cleanse your face and clean your hands. Get some of this oil on your fingertips and use it to coat your acne. Perform this two times every day to get maximum results. Another oil to try is lavender oil. Make sure to place a drop of it on each of your acne and then let your skin absorb it. Do this after your wash your face in the morning and before going to bed at night.

You can also place some basil tea on your acne. Get one cup of boiling water and then place some leaves of fresh basil inside for some minutes to allow steeping. Refrigerate your tea to allow cooling before placing this on your face. You can place a drop on each pimple or pour some of the tea on a clean cotton ball and then apply this evenly on your face.

One of the easiest acne treatment tips is rubbing ice cubes on the face so as to close your pores and lessen the appearance, redness and swelling of your acne. This will also calm any painful sensation and irritation you may feel. You can also make ice cubes from your green tea. This shall serve as an astringent so that your pores will tighten and be cleared of dust or dirt that causes acne.

You can also create a honey mask at home so as to treat your acne. Honey is a natural antibacterial and it clears clogged pores. It also removes dead skin and excess oil from the face. Place honey on your face and leave this on for half an hour prior to rinsing. You can also dab honey on to your acne and then cover this using a bandage before you sleep. Wash the honey off in the morning and you will see your acne zits smaller and less reddish.

Make a facial out of fresh tomatoes as they clear up acne from the skin. Make a thick and pulpy tomato juice using a blender. Spread this on your cleansed face for half an hour so that it will be absorbed by your pores. Wash off afterwards.

Try these five acne treatment tips at home and you will see your acne problem fading.